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The very nature of recording work on paper is threatened from start to finish by human error.  The traditional paper method has meant that facilities have been managed inadequately for years. Needless to say, many providers are frustrated with the inaccuracies of the traditional paper method and its lack of accountability. With most clients requiring monthly reports, inputting all the relevant information from paper to a computer is time-consuming and costly.


After carefully browsing the market for a system that we felt would bring the most value to our clients, one system stood out – SmartView by Diversey Care.  A new system based on the internet of things (IoT) model, it cuts the time and workload of reporting and creates an accountability true to the work.

The SmartView model uses the internet to connect all devices to a central hub. Through this technology, staff can track how long a job takes in real time. Thanks to radio-frequency identification tags, senior managers can see where staff worked and what they did as soon as they’ve done it.

The data allows our facilities management teams to ensure every part of a building is well maintained and cleaned. The data also  “…allows BYES to realistically predict likely performance in new contracts”, said Stephen Leonard, Senior Operations Manager, Bouygues Energies & Services, “this will enable us to set specific, relevant and measurable KPIs and targets.


In a recent real-time interactive report from a client, the report clearly highlighted when audits of rooms had not been completed. Senior managers were able to rectify the situation quickly and efficiently, informing staff so they could address the issue, and get their performance back on target with the agreed KPIs from the client. Subsequently, the report went on to show how the dip in performance was solved within five days.

The client has already been looking at ways to roll out SmartView across other areas of its business to record and track other activities, including security patrol.

“Our clients like to see that we have done a job, are being fair in the way we assess it and are making improvements. The system provides an independent assessment that removes the subjectivity’, says Steve Leonard, BYES.

To find out more about our facilities management service, visit our website here.

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