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Time to Rethink Face to Face Training?

Every industry is experiencing digital disruption. Blockbuster got hit by Netflix, the cabbie is facing the threat of Uber, and bricks-and-mortar retailers quake in the shadow of eCommerce giant Amazon. Increasingly, marketers are finding themselves working in a world that is changing faster than they can keep up. It’s at times like these that managers run to their HR department. They need digital upskilling and they need it now.

And what gets rolled out? Safe, comfortable, standard (in other words, dull) classroom training. You’ve used it successfully for years and while it might bore your team senseless, there’s nothing wrong with a good all-day onsite training session apart from a few stale sandwiches to get rid of at the end of the day. Right? Think again.


There’s so much to learn

The martech landscape is growing at an incredibly fast rate. In Chief Martech’s 2017 supergraphic there were over 5,000 companies – 1,500 more than there had been the previous year. It’s now too complex to pick all these learnings up in just an hour or a day. More frustratingly, what may work in say Organic Search one day, Google is sure to change by tweaking their algorithm the next – so how do you stay up to date and current? The old idea of using a face to face trainer to dump the knowledge and then walk away isn’t the answer. You need a training resource that covers all aspects of digital, that’s up to date, and that you can customise so that each person can access knowledge as and when they need it, and apply it to their daily work.


It has to be done fast

Digital Transformation requires a knowledge injection across your entire business. You need to upskill everyone at the same time, giving them the tools they need to compete in the new digital world – and you need to do it quickly. Face to face training can’t deliver at that scale: the classroom is simply not the place to upskill an entire business. When it comes to digital training, you’ll need the invest in technology that can be implemented globally and can help your business get the right knowledge to the right people fast.


It’s about more than training

Education around digital is now an essential component of any digital transformation strategy as businesses face the disruption that digital brings to their day-to-day work. It’s not about change, it’s about preparing for continuous change. To meet this challenge you need to support inquisitive behaviour and the free flow of ideas across your business. To facilitate that you’ll need to develop a culture of self-directed and continuous learning, which requires an always-on training resource that you can tap into when and where it’s needed. Most importantly, your training solution must fit around the modern work life – not a school timetable.


The lack of education around digital has become a huge threat to the marketing industry. It’s ok not to understand everything around digital. It’s not ok to stop learning about it, or to bluff your way through it – because then you are simply contributing towards the lack of transparency permeating the industry, and as everyone upskills around you, you’re going to get caught out. The way you do business has already changed, as has the best way to upskill and train your teams for success. Make sure you don’t get left behind.


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