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Patients being treated in hospitals, clinics and specialist facilities expect the highest possible standards of care from medical providers. As a global provider with a long-established reputation for clinical excellence, one healthcare company was spending hundreds of millions of pounds each year upskilling its staff and expanding its technology.

This investment supported a worldwide team of around 8,500 people, including doctors, nurses and a broad range of administrative and technical staff. The training needs of this workforce were varied and sometimes complex.

The ability to meticulously assess and improve learning programmes and staff knowledge across a network of hundreds of workplaces in different countries was a key part of the organization’s growth ambitions.

Transforming systems and creating a powerful healthcare learning ecosystem

Between 2015 and 2016, the healthcare company embarked upon a complete overhaul of its HR IT systems. It had been working with several different platforms, including an HR interface and middleware, all of which needed to be united in a best of breed Learning Management System (LMS) with a compliance focus.

Ongoing, rigorous auditing is a critical challenge for healthcare providers. Audits are carried out on a frequent basis to ensure that companies in the healthcare sector are fully compliant and provide a quality of care that meets industry standards at every level of their organization.

Companies who fail to ensure compliance requirements are fully met can face severe penalties and significant reputational damage.

The risk of failing to meet these requirements becomes much greater without advanced tools to maintain, manage and track employee competencies, linked in a system that L&D professionals can understand and use effectively.

Creating a system that could proactively manage the people side of their compliance aims was of immense importance to the company. Having acknowledged this need, management found that there was no single system that would provide the best-of-breed solution required to solve these problems and challenges – and, ultimately, meet their business goals.

Audit-ready healthcare learning with tailored learner paths

The healthcare provider chose NetDimensions because of our strength in managing compliance. They needed to make sure they were not only compliant for audits, but also able to demonstrate this compliance to auditors whenever necessary through the straightforward production of thorough, insightful reports for inspection.

Working in partnership with the organization’s L&D team, NetDimensions was able to take the best of their existing systems and integrate them together as part of a much more effective learning ecosystem.

Using NetDimensions Talent Suite allowed the company’s learning managers to extract employee details and organizational information from their existing middleware technology.

This data included:

  • Job profile IDs
  • Management level of users
  • Clinical areas of responsibility
  • Additional role information

These fields were then mapped to more than 850 job profiles, with competencies and learning objectives assigned to each one. The result was a strong individual learning path – or multiple learning paths – for each employee.

Each user’s progress against their assigned job profile could be reviewed and easily reported, including the creation of summary reports for facilities and departments based on the organizational structure. Custom reports were also created to report specifically on user progress against their assigned learning path at a modular level.

NetDimensions’ API library, the NetDimensions Software Development Kit (SDK), comes as standard with the core product. This important feature and approach enables our clients to achieve successful integrations with their third-party systems.

They also procured and implemented several other new systems, selecting solutions that were proven to meet their individual business units requirements and could be smoothly integrated.

A highly flexible solution for healthcare learning

Thanks to NetDimensions Talent Suite, the organization’s L&D team is able to produce point-in-time audit reports to satisfy stringent auditory requirements. For example, changes made in the system can be tracked to a granular level.

This is fundamental to meeting the requirements of global regulations. The new system has eliminated the company’s exposure to risk caused by failing to meet auditory requirements, and made their integration process much more efficient.

This is also a great example of how organizations in the healthcare sector can use NetDimensions Talent Suite to manage competency skills. No competency data model or data mapping existed before NetDimensions came onboard, but NetDimensions Talent Suite gave our client the functionality they needed to achieve this major implementation through an out-of-the-box solution.

Monitoring employee certification effectively means the company can now ensure its workforce is capable of performing the jobs and meeting the demands required of them on an individual and organizational level.

Despite a range of complex requirements, the organization was able to call upon NetDimensions Talent Suite’s highly configurable features to meet their goals.

The company’s L&D team is extremely satisfied with the implementation and are in the process of adding our Analytics module to provide fundamental business intelligence based on the desired metrics.

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